Bonnie Kiser, MS, LMFT
From The Triumphant Marriage by Neil Clark Warren
"Love Secrets for a Triumphant Marriage" – chapter titles in the book
Secret #1
Dream a Dream!  Construct a Vision of Everything You Believe Your Marriage Can Be
Secret #2
Get Tough!  A Triumphant Marriage Requires Two Strong, Skillful, Thoroughly Committed Partners
Secret #3
Maximize the Trust Factor!  Spouses in a Solid Relationship Have Complete Faith in Each Other
Secret #4
Get Healthy!  A Triumphant Marriage Requires Two Emotionally Healthy People
Secret #5
Work on Chemistry!  Maximize Passion and Romance
Secret #6
Learn to Talk!  Become Masters of Good Communication
Secret #7
Work It Through!  Conflict is Inevitable, So Learn to Handle it Productively
Secret #8
Negotiate a Mutually Satisfying Sexual Relationship!  A Great Sex Life Builds Intimacy in Marriage
Secret #9
Get Connected!  Recognize the Role of Children and Friends in Making Your Marriage Triumphant
Secret #10
Pursue Spirituality!  Partners in Great Marriages Find Significance in their Spiritual Lives
from The Triumphant Marriage by Neil Clark Warren

I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence I can reach for; perfection is God’s business.

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