Bonnie Kiser, MS, LMFT
From Almost Everything Teens Want Parents to Know by Bill Sanders
Bill Sanders authored a book for parents who want to understand their teens.  Well, or at least try to...  Bill's writing is a compilation of interviews and sessions he has had with teens.  They say, he writes, "Tell my parents to ....." (My added comments are in parentheses.)
  • love each other  and me, unconditionally (and act like you do)
  • talk to me and listen to me  (remember you have 2 ears, only 1 mouth)
  • be my example (walk your talk)
  • brag on me (in front of me, so I can hear you)
  • realize I need quality and quantity time (I won't be around forever)
  • learn more about me and my friends (but don't act like you're one of us)
  • be my secure door and have to courage to say, 'No' (I need limits to be safe)
  • help me build my life on the right foundations (model right and wrong for me)
  • help me find my special talent  (God made me for a special purpose, you know)
  • give me resources with which to handle life (but don't do everything for me)
  • help me find heroes  (show me and tell me about yours)
  • train me to make good decisions  (learn how to give me good choices)
  • train me to confide in you  (show me that you respect me; it will help)
From Almost Everything Teens Want Parents to Know by Bill Sanders

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