Bonnie Kiser, MS, LMFT
(Compiled from parents with children; these are the rules in their homes)
Family Rules
  1. Curfew is to be at 10pm on weeknights and 11pm on weekends, except for something special – which is to be determined through a prior discussion.
  2. Parents are to know the details of any activity – time, place, people.
  3. Complete all chores before going out.
  4. Ask about going out rather than telling parents.
  5. Call and let parents know location and any change of plans’ be able to be reached at any time.
  6. Refrain from drinking, smoking, drugs, and sexual activity.
  7. Be polite when receiving phone calls from family and friends and taking messages.
  8. Be courteous and respectful of others, including those living in your house.
  9. Always check with parents before inviting people over.
  10. There must always be parental supervision when at anyone else’s home or when friends are over.
Computer Family Rules
  1. Length of time and time of day spent on the computer will be determined by the parents.
  2. All chores, including homework, are to be completed before using the computer, except for homework that needs to be done on the computer.
  3. Any computer access site, including IM, is to be visible and able to be inspected by parents.
  4. Do not go into chatrooms.
  5. Do not ever agree to meet anyone, anywhere that you have not met already in a face-to-face introduction.
  6. Never give out personal information including name, address, school attending, teachers’ names, parents’ names, or siblings’ name(s). 

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