Bonnie Kiser, MS, LMFT
Characteristics of a Healthy Family
  • The climate of the home is positive. The atmosphere is generally nonjudgmental.
  • Each member of the family is valued and accepted for who he or she is. There is regard for individual characteristics.
  • Each person is allowed to operate within his or her own proper role. A child is allowed to be a child and an adult is an adult.
  • Members of the family care for one another, and they verbalize their caring and affirmation.
  • The communication process is healthy, open and direct. There are no double messages.
  • Children are raised in such a way that they can mature and become individuals in their own right. They separate from their parents in a healthy manner.
  • The family enjoys being together. The do not get together out of a sense of obligation.
  • Family members can laugh together, and they enjoy life together.
  • Family members can share their hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns with one another and still be accepted. A healthy level of intimacy exists within the home.
from The Power of a Parent's Words by H. Norman Wright (Regal Press, 1991)

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