Bonnie Kiser, MS, LMFT
A Self Esteem Builder for Children by Parents
This self-esteem builder is for use by parents. Acknowledge the good things your child does, big or small. To keep track, have a weekly chart posted in the kitchen with your child's name. On each day, write the positive things that were done that day – even if there is just one. If you have more than one child, then have more than one chart.
Adapt the chart to your child's needs.
  • For the child who is fearful, record small acts of courage.
  • For the child who has trouble cooperating, note each time he or she listened.
  • For the child who has trouble with being messy, jot down each item that was put away without being told.
  • Other positive things:
    • Acts of kindness - Helping clean up - Offering to share
At the end of the week, read the chart as a family. This activity helps your child feel good about him/herself and helps you as a parent to focus on the positive things they do. Applaud all successes. Do not permit competition between siblings.

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